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Dorothea Calabrese, Global Sales Director, Northeast Region

Favorite Pillar/Value: Relationships

Dorothea remembers the exact moment she fell head-over-heels in love with travel. She was 15, and her godparents had taken her on a summer-long holiday to Italy’s Amalfi Coast. There she met and forged lasting relationships with extended family, discovered her Italian roots, its food, and unforgettably fragrant Amalfi lemons.

Pushing herself beyond her comfort zone, exploring new places and connecting with people become Dorothea’s lifelong passion fueled by jobs in the service industry. As a teenager, working in catering at New Hampshire Coliseum, a starstruck Dorothea spilled an entire tray of sausage and peppers onto Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, who graciously replied “It’s alright love, I’ll have another one. Don’t cry.”

Her inherent love of people is a natural fit for Dorothea’s global sales role at CoralTree, where she connects people and businesses with just-right property and event experiences throughout the United States and beyond.

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