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Maggy Dunphy, Senior Director of Wellness and Spa Operations

Favorite Pillar/Value: Empowering Experience

Maggy is an accomplished Spa and Wellness executive with 25+ years of experience in the spa and wellness space, providing her tools to weave together key components of culture, programming, innovation, operations, leadership, and financial success.

As an innovative thinker and do-er, Maggy’s passion is collaborating with owners, architects, interior designers, and others involved, to bring a concept to life by crafting the visual story and creating spaces that are desirable to both work and experience. This collaborative approach produces intentional spaces with purpose. Cultivating spaces for people to thrive, to grow and be better has become a focus and the purpose behind the work that she does.

Maggy grew up in a family of eight children. Believe it or not – she was quite the tomboy – most certainly not a spa girl. And each and every day she had one goal – to beat the boys in everything. And she usually did. Sports became an outlet for her and she attributes her drive for perfection, ambition to win, passion for excellence, and unique leadership style on the coaches and athletes that believed in her and taught her the principles of teamwork.

Maggy began her career in hospitality as a massage therapist in Vail, escaping the East Coast and management responsibilities to become a free spirit therapist in the mountains of Colorado. That didn’t last long as leading people was in her blood. She was in the right place at the right time – and has grown up in the spa industry. Her first Spa Director job paid a whopping $14,000, but she received a small commission on every treatment performed, so Maggy turned a janitor closet into a massage room so they wouldn’t turn away the business. It was definitely not about the “experience” in those days.

When not working, Maggy loves to play – anything. Preferably using the large muscle groups of her body, but she also loves board games and reading – and hopes to learn how to knit someday…. While riding a spin bike, of course.

Maggy’s dad is her mentor, her friend, and her inspiration. He continues to teach her the importance of values, trust, and courage. He taught Maggy to believe in herself – and to challenge people to be the best they can be. He taught her that you don’t always need to be in charge and in control – and to allow others to help you grow. His most important bit of advice has always been, “All you can do is what comes next.”

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