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The personalized attention of a boutique company. The purchasing power and scale of a $2 billion company. At CoralTree Hospitality, you’re not just another client: our leadership knows your name and the industry pioneers you meet with are the same ones who work directly with you every step of the way.

Our approach to management comes from 50 years as owners, developers and managers of world-class independent luxury and lifestyle hotels, and seeing properties through all of those lenses. We also know that we don’t have all the answers, but that successful partnerships come from flexibility, collaboration, and a clear sense of a property owner’s vision.

As a result we attract a sophisticated clientele including private equity firms, global real estate funds, hedge funds, publicly traded REITs, national developers, and family offices. Our properties span the globe in some of the hottest markets in Colorado, California, Florida, Texas, the Caribbean and beyond.

Our Services

With a singular focus on connecting people with places in meaningful ways, CoralTree’s suite of services stand out from the crowd. Our unique approach turns the organizational chart upside down by dedicating our resources to supporting onsite teams with excellence in the areas of operations, HR, IT and accounting. Likewise, our top-to-bottom marketing ecosystem fully integrates global sales with digital and web strategies for maximum visibility and revenue optimization.

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Joe Won, VP of business development and asset manager at CoralTree, is eager to hear about your vision for your property. Won has spent the the last decade working in consulting, investment analysis, and hotel investment sales. When traveling, you’ll find him trekking the Amazon in Venezuela, dog sledding in Iceland or exploring Romanian castles to fuel his passion for adventure. His love of hospitality and entrepreneurship come from his family roots and his far-flung travels, as well as living abroad and in some of the U.S.’s most dynamic major cities. Won is a graduate of Georgetown and Cornell with a background in finance and hospitality management.

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tel:310 990 8910