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Technical Services

For CoralTree, design is about more than building a hotel – it is about uncovering the soul of a place. From serene, to adventuresome, dynamic to enchanting, we work with owners to imbue every aspect of a project with the personality, touchstones and amenities that are its lifeblood.

Our consultative approach unites CoralTree’s technical expertise and visionary leadership, infusing it into every aspect of concept, brand, design, development, build-out–straight through to opening and operation. To each project we bring seasoned team members and best-in-class consultants with backgrounds in architecture, branding, design and project management, technical services to assist and advise owners every step of the journey. Our shortlist of trusted potential consultants, from architects to interior designers, acoustical to ADA, offer owners ready project resources, and we support the contracting process by assisting with interviews, reviewing bids, and providing sample RFP and contracts.

As we progress to opening, an operating story and people services strategy guides recruitment and training of hotel associates, while our technical platform assures a unified guest experience from booking and beyond.

With CoralTree, owners can rest assured that we’ve covered every detail from end to end, and everything in between