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About Us

Creating Travel Experiences That Inspire

Dancing on a terrace at sunset. Kicking back by a fire-pit with a local brew in hand. The crash of waves drifting through an open window. The last spoonful of the best molten chocolate cake you’ve ever had.

These nurture our culture—the belief that travel fills us in a way that nothing else can, and reminds us how good it is to play, rest, savor, experience and connect.

At CoralTree we help create and manage properties that are woven deep into the community fabric, where guests can experience a true sense of place, and find delight and belonging.

CoralTree Hospitality was formed by Tom Luersen in 2018 with the vision of providing leaner, smarter, more thoughtful services to the destination hotel community. It was a beginning born from an ending, with the acquisition of Two Roads Hospitality by Hyatt. CoralTree formed shortly after, from a handpicked group of the best and the brightest Two Roads and Destination Hotels executives who embodied a passion for travel and its power to change lives. This was a chance to take the best of decades of expertise, throw out what hindered success, and embrace a mindset shift of organizational transformation: from profit to purpose, control to empowerment, strict planning to experimentation, privacy to transparency. All in service of the belief that travel is good for your soul.

Now, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of private real estate company Lowe, CoralTree provides 50 years of proven experience as owners, developers and managers of world-class independent luxury and lifestyle hotels and resorts. Our solutions-based approach to boutique and independent hotels, as well as larger brands, elevates the guest experience to one of connection and inspiration. CoralTree’s focus on the management of one-of-a-kind, quality properties and consistently excellent financial performance is what separates our management company from traditional hotel owners and operators. We bring value to owners through property performance and culture, and we know our approach resonates—just four months after its inception, CoralTree was named to the list of top independent hospitality management companies by Hotel Business magazine. We proudly serve an ever-growing list of hotels and resorts within our collection, including Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA; The Woodlands Resort in Woodlands, TX; Town and Country Resort, in San Diego, CA.

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Our Legacy

For five decades and counting, we have been providing inspired hotel development and management for world-class independent lifestyle hotels and resorts. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and hospitality has earned us a reputation for creating exceptional experiences for our guests and partners. With our decades of experience, we strive to create unique and memorable experiences that exceed expectations.

  • 2023

    CoralTree Hospitality is ranked the No. 4 best small company to work for in Colorado in the annual Denver Post, Top Workplaces 2023 survey. Top Workplaces recognizes businesses that are dedicated to a people-first culture. The ratings are determined by employee-driven feedback captured by Top Workplace’s employee engagement survey. CoralTree is the only hotel management company to make the 2023 list.

  • 2022

    CoralTree Hospitality is proud to announce that our expansive portfolio has now grown to 25 properties across the United States. We’ve made exciting additions, including a major renovation and expansion at Pier Sixty-Six Resort in Fort Lauderdale, FL and The Hotel at the United States Airforce Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. With each new addition, our commitment to excellence and service remains unchanged.

  • 2021 Expansion

    CoralTree Hospitality is proud to announce the acquisition of Magnolia Hotels, a leading lifestyle hotel brand. With this strategic move, CoralTree Hospitality is now positioned to offer an even more diverse selection of hospitality services to its customers. Magnolia Hotels' award-winning hospitality and unique guest experiences are sure to add an extra layer of luxury to the CoralTree Hospitality portfolio

  • 2018 CoralTree Hospitality

    Two Roads Hospitality, the fourth largest hospitality management company as ranked by Hotel Business, gets acquired by Hyatt Hotels Corporation. As a result, CoralTree Hospitality is formed.

  • 2016 Two Roads Hospitality

    Destination Hotels and Commune Hotels have merged to form Two Roads Hospitality, now the 4th largest hotel management company as ranked by Hotel Business. With this merger, Two Roads Hospitality became a leader in the hospitality industry, offering exceptional service and an unmatched commitment to quality.

  • 1973 Industry Pioneers

    Destination Hotels & Resorts, formed by Lowe Enterprises, as a premier collection of independent hotels and resorts, each carefully managed to provide premium experiences and luxurious amenities. From pristine beaches to majestic mountains, these distinctive properties offer unparalleled experiences in some of the world's most exciting destinations.