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Frequently Asked Questions

We invite you to go on a journey with us. Beyond the ordinary. Beyond hotels that are like all the others. Beyond travel experiences that leave you wanting more. Because we believe in the power of travel. To inspire. To educate. To push you to your limits. And then to push you beyond those limits to the magical sweet spot where you have enjoyed more, loved more and believed more.

Our new loyalty program, Beyond by CoralTree, is another way we’re going beyond what you thought possible. It’s free to enroll and you’ll earn 2% cash back on each reservation (direct bookings only). Redemption is easy—and rewarding—with several options:

  • Enhance a future stay at a participating CoralTree Hospitality hotel by purchasing a hotel credit with your rewards
  • Donate your reward through Cash For A Cause, where you can choose from thousands of charities worldwide through a partnership with GlobalGiving. Select a cause you care about and donate within minutes!
  • Get cash back via PayPal or Visa e-gift card