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Chef Josh Mouzakes

Chef Josh Mouzakes, ARLO Restaurant, Town and Country Resort a recipient of numerous “Best of” Awards since its opening, Chef Josh shares what makes the food at ARLO so delicious—and an Instagram-worthy dining experience.

"Every single thing we make at ARLO is from scratch. . . We want to be creative, we push ourselves."

Executive Chef Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro, Executive Chef The Eddy Taproom & Hotel Barbecue is at the heart of the menu here, and lucky for us, Ben hails from Kansas City, famous for putting out some of the best BBQ in the country. “I’m originally from KC so barbecue sauce runs in my veins. . . I’ve got a smoker on-site, we have a food truck on-site, we have cutting-edge technology in our kitchen. Without question, it’s definitely the most high-tech kitchen I’ve ever worked in, and that leads us to be able to execute food on a really high level and with consistency.

And when Ben travels he loves to explore without an agenda, which is what The Eddy encourages its guests to do, starting with a stunning view from the restaurant patio. “It’s not just a plain and simple sterile hotel. This is a hotel that wants you to be active—everything is right here.