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Introducing Pancho and Jane: Your Neighborhood Dining Destination

Step into Pancho & Jane and immerse yourself in the Western spirit. Our vibrant yet laid-back atmosphere caters to families seeking a delightful Saturday lunch spot and young professionals in search of an animated evening out. Our welcoming staff greets you with a warm "Howdy" as they serve up an array of delectable dishes, including our renowned tacos and more. Beyond being a restaurant, Pancho & Jane is dedicated to rejuvenating the S. Golden Road Corridor and enriching the liveliness of our neighborhood. Our overarching vision is to foster a thriving, pedestrian-friendly community where both residents and visitors can relish everything Golden, Colorado has to offer.

We are leaving our mark by introducing a fresh and distinctive dining experience to the GW development. By crafting a space that resonates with locals and the broader Golden community, we are advocating for everyone to "Stay Local" and indulge in unforgettable dining and socializing. Our aim is to rival the experiences found in Denver, right here in our own backyard.

Join us in cultivating a community where great food, great company, and great times intersect. Pancho and Jane: Your go-to neighborhood destination for creating unforgettable memories.